Gecko Energy are proud to support SHiFT. Created by Emily Penn, ocean advocate and eXXpedition Co-Founder, the SHiFT method is designed to help people find their role in solving the world’s most pressing issues.

Emily’s philosophy towards life has been shaped by spending over a decade out at sea, where you are constantly reacting to the changes around you. The wind picks up, the waves change direction, and you have to respond, you have to shift your sails, shift your course.

For Emily, that shift led her from a career in architecture to one dedicated to solving the issue of ocean plastic pollution. The more time Emily spent at sea, the more she realised the solutions start on land. Through her workshops, curated experiences and sailing expeditions she’s worked with individuals, businesses and governments around the world to develop solutions, from sea to source.

She developed the SHiFT Method which is a journey of discovery to understand the crux of a problem and weigh up where we have the biggest opportunity to make an impact.

Gecko Energy and their collaborators work together to not only solve energy problems, but also waste and pollution issues, helping to raise awareness to inspire change.

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Shifting the way we feel, think and act will change the World…

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