Discover mobile power for utility, emergency service, recreational, and expedition vehicles.

Reliable onboard power is vital as more and more of us are now wishing to stay disconnected for longer. Our service and leisure vehicles are now much more modern, running an ever-increasing suite of habitation equipment, we can provide for fast charging for phones, cameras, tablets and computers, onboard mains 230 vac for vital equipment and tooling and of course decent lighting, essential domestic appliances and convenience items.

Gecko Energy stock many types of leisure battery such as GEL, AGM and Lithium battery energy storage options for all budgets and applications. We offer a range of solar panels for self-reliance, and real time monitoring and control including fresh and grey water levels, state of charge, hook up usage, renewable performance, historical energy usage, GPS tracking wherever you are, even geo-fence alarm systems. Gecko Energy are authorised distributors for Victron Energy

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