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Essentially, you cannot create or destroy energy; but you can move it around.

We aim to create synergy between the available natural resources and a load profile to optimise an energy systems’ performance but also lessen its impact.

We provide access to programmes that aim to improve the relationships between people and their environments, so as an energy system owner, you can maintain balance and stay informed in real time.

With an in-house analysis and design service we work specifically to your requirements wherever you are.

We live and work entirely off grid, and we also actively participate in the fields we specialise in. We’ve modelled, designed and provided for a myriad of different applications for sites around the world.

Our work process provides you with detailed analysis, comprehensive reports, drawings, manuals and operational procedures.

Advanced theoretical modelling provides foresight.

This offers performance and economic metrics before you commit. Sites can be modelled to a multi layer resolution of 5 km2 globally and to 1 km2 in most of Europe and the UK.

Real time and historical monitoring gives you the knowledge to adapt to changing weather, loads and seasonal variations so you have the information to hand to act.

Delivered in component form or prewired plug and play.

From battery monitors to ISO approved marine Installations. Our aim is to simplify the everyday operation for the end user.

Our ethos is to provide access to clean energy. Searching for new ideas, to produce, maintain and deliver power wherever it’s needed, on land and at sea with the lowest possible impact.

The continual evolution of technology means our projects are economically viable as well as sensitive to our planet. Climate change is a very real concern, and we must think forward, and collaboratively if we are to inspire change for the better.

Gecko Energy continue their exploration of science & technology, providing solutions for;

– Domestic and commercial
– Agriculture and industry
– Water pumping and hydro storage
– Marine applications
– Telecommunications
– Disaster relief / humanitarian

Partnered with Victron Energy, looking at hydrogen as a storage medium and working with leading developers and manufacturers around the world for a future without fossil fuels.

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