Off grid power

Gecko Energy’s off grid power systems are modular and scalable to any power demand. Whether it is for running your home entirely off the grid or even simply for emergency and/or back-up power, or if you wish to expand your existing solar system so you can use your solar power at night, also known as self-consumption.

Gecko Energy can provide you with power that is just like the utility grid, except it is greener, more secure, and most importantly, it’s yours to control. 

We prioritise the use of green energy wherever possible. By using the latest off grid controllers, and advanced range of battery storage, we are also able to move or heat water as a further storage medium for times when there is more green energy available than there is demand. Very little is wasted, by connecting generators, green and/or traditional to our micro-grids, diesel usage will remain minimal.

Gecko Energy also offer the very latest in wind turbines for home, automation and remote control, you can access at any time any relevant information about your system, such as state of charge, energy generation and usage history, and you can up-link your system to our service department for total peace of mind. If you’ve ever wondered how to go off-grid then don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat.

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