We are located in a UNESCO biosphere and many of our team members are active in local ocean awareness campaigns. All of us here have a profound concern for our oceans, and our aim as a company is to remove fossil fuels from the marine environment.

We are assisting boat owners and operators to go electric wherever possible, offering enhanced performance, economics and safety afloat, all with reduced environmental impact.

We can show you how to get more from your continually changing surroundings, use more solar and wind, increase the efficiency of an on-board generator and/or diesel drive, as well as optimising shore power.

Hybridising technologies means we can remove LPG, diesel and petrol altogether, replacing with electric propulsion for both sail and power vessels.

Gecko Energy are developing projects from the North Devon coast, operating our own boats for research and development purposes, experimenting with alternative on board energy storage and marine electric propulsion in some of the most challenging waters to navigate in the world.

Solving known issues, and looking at onboard power as one highly tuned system

System wide monitoring equals confidence at sea

With modern boats combining multiple battery packs, at different voltages and even different chemistries all tied in with multiple charging sources, you need to know the status of your power system, where your available power is accurately and under all conditions.

Don’t waste fuel, optimise your engine

Much of the diesel fuel burned when under power is wasted, the efficiency of even the most modern engines is extremely low. Adding a second alternator will improve the efficiency of your diesel engine profoundly, reducing run time, even negating the need for an onboard generator.

Suboptimal sun,
optimal solar panel yield

Solar panels in a marine environment come with specific challenges: there’s only limited space and shadows from the rigging. Their performance changes constantly. Victron’s solar controllers use ultra fast maximum power point tracking to squeeze every drop of power out of your panels.

Limited shore power,
maximum comfort

Hook up to shore power to run your kettle, coffeemaker, microwave and air conditioning. Before you know it, the shore power fuse is blown. PowerAssist prevents overloads, using the battery as a buffer during peak power demand. And you won’t even notice.

Bad power,
smooth performance

In crowded harbours, you might run into strong voltage drops in shore power. Some generators have trouble producing a decent AC current. The Victron inverter/chargers enjoy a reputation of extreme resilience. They smooth out these problems, turning bad power into perfect power.

Innovation to achieve one goal – net zero emissions

Overall efficiency of boats with internal combustion engines can be as low as 15%. With an electric drive, overall efficiencies of more than 50% are possible. Range is our challenge and as we further our work a complete shift away from fossil fuels is now possible, and in the very near future.

Not always there, always perfect control.

Whether you’re on board or back at home, you’ll always have perfect control over our connected smart products. You instantly see what the power situation is. And you can even troubleshoot alerts from home as well as geo-fence your vessel.

We are undertaking hydrogen fuel cell trials to increase the range of electric drive, support the house battery and provide ample power to devices to achieve absolute zero emission at sea.

It is thought wind was first used for propulsion by the Egyptians over 5000 years ago. A tried and tested technology, albeit with a few modern tweaks, sail area is a key source of power and an integral part of a vessels hybrid energy system.

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