Times are changing, we are now more aware of the influence we have on our planet and its delicate ecosystems. Gecko Energy operates on land and at sea. Many of our methods and products cross these markets and this enables us to actively work towards removing fossil fuels from the marine environment.

We are assisting boat owners and operators to go electric wherever possible, offering enhanced performance, economics and safety afloat, all with reduced environmental impact.

We give you the ability to recharge from the most accessible power source, this can be solar and wind, increasing the efficiency of an on-board generator and/or diesel drive, as well as optimising shore power. Lithium technology means we can remove LPG, replacing with induction cooking. We are developing electric propulsion as we move ever closer to fully electric craft.

Gecko Energy are your marine power specialists in Devon and Cornwall. Powered by the sun thanks to our market leading highly efficient flexible solar panels, and use one of our MPPT solar controllers from Victron Energy for a greater solar yield. We supply LiFePO4 – safe lithium marine batteries for on board energy storage and marine electric propulsion from leading manufacturers.

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