Power where it’s needed

The need for new innovative ideas to support humanitarian action is needed now more than ever.

Ground breaking technologies properly deployed and integrated should mitigate some of the potential negative social effects of poor rural infrastructure.

Renewables can quickly and effectively change lives for the better. Off-grid and grid connected small and medium-sized solar installations are available, affordable and can bring reliable power to millions of displaced people around the world. Plug and play renewable energy solutions are essential within a humanitarian toolkit.

Rapid deployment globally

Off-grid solar Photovoltaic and solar hybrid packaged systems that are applicable to emergency relief, refugee camp activities, micro-grid development, rural development, communications and to provide and deliver clean water.

We are developing methodology to help scale more appropriate technologies for humanitarian action.

Supporting rural communities

Power for villages, schools, telecoms, hospitals, construction, industry and disaster relief.

Our systems are plug and play, full monitoring provides education, and security; we pump water, provide lighting, power tools and refrigeration.

All with long lasting and affordable clean energy.

From Emergency Communications to Refugee Camp Micro-grids for clean water and power.

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