Providing products and services to remote sites on the British Isles and worldwide

Our advanced modelling provides valuable metrics on any site to a 5km2 resolution anywhere on earth.

This provides a “kit list” of products, that can be shipped quickly in individual form, or as a prewired and preconfigured component.

Advanced systen designs, detailed manuals, remote monitoring and sms/email alarms. Full technical support is standard on all of our products.

Unlimited power for any application, anywhere.

From the simplest of solar / battery combo’s to full ISO containerised power stations. With an extensive supply chain, our methods and product line are coupled with a common objective;

To deliver system components with full technical support for the right price with the lowest possible impact.

Where you need it, when you need it

With operational fully autonomous island energy systems throughout the world we have contributed to the development of the off the grid global renewable energy market.

We have the experience, expertise, products and services that contribute to our common goal of a low carbon, sustainable future.

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