Gecko Energy are your island energy specialists. Our designs and equipment operate remote sites in the UK and around the world. Resource analysis at the local level integrated with our advanced modelling platform proritises the use of green energy, significantly reducing C02 and operating costs.

If you are an operator of a remote site, whether a telecommunication station, an island community, an off grid farm, smallholding, workshop, or a rural area in a developing nation, the traditional method to keep the lights on is to use fossil fuelled generators.

We have come a long way, hybridised green energy systems have been tried, tested and proved beyond doubt. Even if the utility grid is available, it now makes commercial sense to keep your generated energy on site with advanced commercial solar battery systems. Renewable energy is by design; to suit the individual site and matched to your power requirement.

With a completely modular approach to shifting from fossil to green fuel, traditional diesels can be progressively phased out, reducing initial capital expenses, continually improving operating expenses and ultimately eliminating CO2 emissions. Gecko Energy provide advanced resource analysis and system modelling, detailed design works showing economic and environmental benefit, pre-fabricated, prewired and factory tested containerised systems, solar arrays and necessary mounting racks and hardware, wind turbines, hydro systems, solar panel battery storage and all of the necessary distribution, safety and end user interfaces.

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