We now know there is real scope for a continued roll out of high demand power plants that will provide effective operation without any need for fossil fuel.

A collaboration between Gecko Energy, Auriga Energy, the Marine Business Technology Centre, the University of Exeter and North Devon Marine will showcase Hydrogen from solar derived electrolysis as a future fuel for maritime.

With a focus on the decarbonisation of harbours and supporting infrastructure, encompassing smart port technology to aid key environmental targets whilst improving safety and expanding operational windows.

Using locally available renewable sources of energy, and with advanced storage mediums we inspire other businesses to take up zero emission targets will all contribute towards a world without fossil fuel.

Hydrogen will be a truly sustainable fuel.

Using Auriga Energy’s Fuel Cells which power the highly successful Hydrogenesis project in Bristol harbour, North Devon Marine are developing the technology for use in the challenging waters of the Bristol Channel in a commercial yacht, ultimately working towards low impact, zero emissions passenger and goods transportation at sea.

Providing green Hydrogen as near to the point of use as possible is critical for success, North Devon lends itself as a large scale clean energy producer, this clean energy needs to be directed to local use, via storage and advancing operations this is well within reach now. As this evolves so does the uptake. the faster this grows the sooner we can achieve net zero targets in an ever expanding series of applications and locations.

This is a project that ultimately involves everyone.

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