SV Delos, the hybrid electric yacht

Replacing old lead acid batteries with lithium

SV Delos is a world-famous sailing boat which recently installed 8 Transporter Energy 100ah lithium batteries on board as a drop replacement in for the old lead acid batteries as well as upgrading to a Victron Energy BMV battery monitor and 3kVA Multiplus inverter/charger.

These new lithium ion batteries also allowed for an induction hob to be fitted which in turn keeps the gallery cooler during cooking as there is less wasted heat compared to a propane stove.

SV Delos the all electric yacht

A virtually limitless green energy source

Always looking to live and travel as environmentally friendly as possible, SV Delos can use Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries to produce a virtually limitless green energy source. The Transporter Energy Pod also means that cooking in the SV Delos is cooler and safer, while still allowing the crew to cook up a feast wherever they travel.

Transporter Energy’s lithium-ion batteries

Due to the increase of power from the Transporter Energy batteries, the need for gas has been eliminated, making the SV Delos boat able to become the first ever gas free sailing boat. The boat has had a lithium bank, induction hob and electric BBQ fitted, meaning they’ve reduced the risk of explosion and poisoning onboard.

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