Solar PV array, Coxleigh Barton, Devon

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Coxleigh Barton Estate is a 400-acre farm estate on the edge of the Exmoor National Park. Historically a dairy farm until the owners began to diversify in 1996. Now a leading equestrian centre, with multi use industrial and office suites as well as holiday homes and events venue.

The owners came to us looking to bring the utility services at Coxleigh Barton Estate up to date and take control of their electricity costs. Originally home to 19 individual electricity connections, we redistributed the estate back to one central 3 phase point of connection in collaboration with Western Power.

Solar PV Array

Saving energy

With the completion of a 90kWp Solar PV array the entire estate now runs primarily from solar energy during the day. The updating of LED lighting and the continued work to save energy around the estate is ongoing.

90kWp Solar PV array

Fully self-sustaining from its own resources

The project continues with battery storage and management using Victron Energy ESS (Energy Storage System) software using a three phase 45kVA Quattro inverter/charger and Venus OS control and monitoring suite sending data to the VRM portal, Victron’s online platform for real time and historical data. A Hydro plant is also proposed post data analysis of the storage system to size correctly, ultimately having the Coxleigh Barton Estate being fully self-sustaining from its own resources.

Energy Storage System

Precise monitoring has enabled us to show the value of keeping your generated renewable energy on site with the latest in Lithium Phosphate technology, storing the excess solar energy on site for night-time use. Our battery offerings now show a fixed price for the energy they manage, and with a 10-year warranted capacity from the largest Lithium producer in the world. The value of controlling your own energy will become profound as the cost of grid electricity continues to rise.

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