Small residential off grid lodge and yard

Building the dream off grid lodge

Building a timber house in the middle of nowhere is not without its challenges. Juggling work and the build in a remote location requires patience, and the necessity to be able to have a cold beer after work!

off grid living

Sustainability a key issue

Being some distance from the nearest utility grid transformer, and with sustainability a key issue, these guys were saving to pay for the high connection cost to have utility electricity bought in, to then have solar installed. Convinced that they would be living with their little petrol generator for the foreseeable future, and unaware of the capabilities of our off grid solar systems, a random meeting during surfing trip to Devon was the beginning of their off grid dream.

Off grid solar

Much more affordable than expected

We discussed their needs, and our systems and quickly found that not only could the cold beer be achieved, but chilled with solar, and no utility grid required. Much easier, and much more affordable than expected. Not only refrigeration, but lighting, sockets, work tools and lighting were now within reach using our Easysolar system by Victron Energy. Having lived with the system now for a number of years the build is complete, and living is comfortable. This with just a modest solar array and battery, and for low sun times, that same petrol generator!

Easysolar system by Victron Energy

This system was originally a stop gap for them to reduce fuel costs and increase reliability so the basics, such as lighting and refrigeration were possible on site as they build. They had planned to upsize the off grid system once they knew the possibilities and advantages over costly grid connections, but in fact they are still living with the same system, which goes to show how a little solar battery system can be all that you really need when you wish to live sustainably.

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