Solar powered off grid adventure van

Jan and Chantelle came to us with a mission

They were proposing to buy a panel van, convert it, sell their house and hit the road on an excellent adventure! We, of course, were interested as they had a very specific requirement. In order to work while they travelled, they needed a fully off grid van, DC and AC systems. They wanted the the freedom to live anywhere, avoiding campsites, and at the same time run their photography and video blogging business to support Jan’s modelling career. In short, their van needed to be self-sustaining.

van run on Solar Energy

With the adventure briefed we proposed a system

After sketching some designs, discussing their power requirements in depth and with the adventure briefed, we proposed a system. They were going to do the build themselves, calling us in to do the technical wiring and setting up, and at the same time learning how it works.

Off grid living

All set to go anywhere, even the Western Sahara!

With two Panasonic HIT 330W modules roof mounted, a 45A MPPT solar charger, 50A Buck Boost alternator charging and a 1600W Multiplus inverter/charger using Victron 200A Lithium Phosphate storage they are set to go literally anywhere.

This van has enough onboard charging and storage to do whatever they need, in any location. They can even charge other vans from their system! We wish them the best of luck as they head south for the Western Sahara! You can follow them on Instagram.

Victron solar energy

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