Remote telecommunication site

An aging battery, a dirty generator, and with the only access in winter is by donkey! The telecommunications operator needed reliability and reduced operating costs and with winter approaching a solution was needed quickly to maintain uptime on a critical repeater station.

A remote survey was undertaken. Data was extrapolated using 30 years of climatology study from NASA data sets and inputted into our design modelling platform where a system could be chosen to power the load using primarily renewable energy.

Hybridising remote sites, with full remote control and monitoring offers owners and operators’ complete piece of mind. Bi-facial solar panels mean that snow can be melted autonomously, just by drawing energy in from the rear of the module to initially heat.

Full and precise monitoring provides accurate real time data, fault, and alarm notifications direct to the service team. Minimal maintenance requirements mean the site runs with only annual servicing requirements needed, instead of monthly attention before when running from diesel alone.

Detailed and clear instructions, with as built drawn circuit diagrams mean installation is simple, fast and efficient for the ground teams.

Gecko Energy provide solutions to problems the team face day to day, as well as resolving logistics and installation issues they may experience when deploying our concepts.

Running from solar and lithium saves time, money, increases reliability and even safety. And the little donkey previously employed to cart generator spaces up the side of a mountain in the middle of winter is having some well-deserved time off!

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