eXXpedition’s latest research vessel upgrades to Lithium

eXXpedition upgrades to Lithium phosphate technology

Gecko Energy are proud to be supporting this pioneering ocean sailing expedition. We are fully modernising and rewiring the vessel to accomodate 9.6kWh Lithium Transporter Energy batteries, two Silent Wind turbines and flexible solar, so she can circumnavigate the globe as part of eXXpedition’s latest voyage for raising awareness of, and explore solutions to, the devastating environmental and health impacts of single-use plastics and toxics in the world’s ocean.

Yacht Discovery


Exxpedition round the world 2019-2021 is an all female sailing voyage and scientific research mission. over 38,000 nautical miles and 30 voyage legs starting and ending in the United Kingdom, exxpedition crews will explore plastics and toxics in our ocean, via four of the five oceanic gyres and the arctic.

eXXpedition lithium boat

The 72ft Ketch, ‘Yacht Discovery’ is immensely safe and strong with the highest safety rating possible MCA Category 0. This means that she is built and equipped to sail anywhere in the world in any conditions. She has sailed round the world. She was specially chosen by the British Army for an expedition to Antarctica in 2001-2002.

She is currently undergoing a full refit and will include: a full Victron Energy suite of power management and tracking, Lithium upgrade with two Silent Wind turbines mounted on the stern, and SunBeam flexible solar installed on the deck. The renewable energy and advanced power delivery and storage systems onboard will negate the need to run the onboard generator unless there is an emergency.

Stay connected to follow her around the world via VRM tracking round the world 2019/2020.

This toolkit is a collection of tools and resources to empower individuals and communities to combat ocean plastic locally and globally.

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