Large off grid property, Scotland

An alternative power supply to grid electricity

A hybrid wind and solar power plant with heating and hot water diversion for a remote residence in south west Scotland. A couple building their retirement home came to us looking for an alternative power supply, they had been quoted £140,000 for connection to grid electricity.

off grid power supply

An economically sound investment

They were planning to build a 300m2 five-bedroom off grid property in a remote location. With sustainability in mind and a wish to run from renewable energy, a full list of appliances and their likely demand was offered so we could input this data into our modelling platform. The first draft systems were given to assess viability of an off-grid system with promising results. To further back up the historical data we have access to, we performed a 12-month observation wind study to ensure a wind turbine would be an economically sound investment to offer winter generation to back up the solar proposed.

Final system comprised of a 10kW Bergey Excel-10 wind turbine, 10kWp of integrated roof mounted solar, 18kVA Victron Energy Microgrid and a 76kWH battery to give the property a 5-7 days autonomy, and to further back up periods of low wind and solar a diesel generator was also proposed. The result was a desire for our client to be self-sustaining, but to run primarily on renewable energy. The result of the final design was a system that costs less than the original connection quote and gives our clients complete control of their energy. With excess energy generated, a custom controller was installed to divert the excess renewable energy to a 2000L thermal store for heating and hot water.

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