To create a forward thinking consortium with a network of resources to make a real difference on issues such as climate change and sustainability.

Based within the UNESCO biosphere reserve in North Devon, UK, we are actively raising awareness for our changing climate, whilst distributing clean energy systems worldwide.

We provide energy systems for land and marine, and our dedicated team can show you how to harness your localised natural resources with understanding on how they can provide a continual supply of clean sustainable energy for just about any demand you can think of.

We continually invest into research and development, thinking ahead, finding new methods of optimising, harnessing and storing clean energy.

We have offices, workshop and distribution facility a few miles from Barnstaple, in the heart of North Devon. Our aim is simple; to provide the technical resources and products needed to reduce fossil fuel use wherever we can.

Collaborating with some of the longest standing suppliers in the industry, we offer you lived experience, integrated design and technical support along with market leading technology and outstanding environmental ethos for you to realise your project.

We have provided clean island energy systems world wide for a myriad of applications during our term . Knowledge is absolutely key, nearly every energy system we provide has its own online remote monitoring system.

This insight into real time relationships between demand and the local resources actively reduces the negative influences we have towards our planet.

Over ten years of product integration and development means we know what works, and what does not. If you know what you need you can search our online store,  and you are always welcome to send us a message.

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Please reach out, we are here for advice, designs and consultation. Providing bespoke, clean and independent off grid energy systems worldwide.

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Providing customers around the world with the tools they need for remote power for many different applications since 2011
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