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Gecko Energy was established in 2011 by partners Wayne and Flore (not forgetting their Border Collie Jay!), with a view to make a real difference on issues such as climate change and sustainability. 

Wayne is a keen sailor and a surfer, active in the development of clean energy systems since early 2000. A specialist in renewable energy by design, Wayne manages technical engineering and product development at Gecko Energy.

Flore is an advocate for natural horsemanship and a talented rider. As well as promoting sustainable living and non-violence towards animals, Flore is active in remote sustainable development schemes and oversees the core management of Gecko Energy.

Combining their experience and skills in engineering and business management, the team have been committed to sustainable development since inception. Now with a fifteen + strong team of engineers, developers, sales and support staff, all with a profound concern for the world around us, Gecko Energy operates from its base in North Devon, UK, actively participating in plastic reduction and awareness campaigns, whilst sending clean energy systems worldwide.

“We work to improve access to clean energy by making the technology understandable and affordable. Knowledge is key to adoption, our advanced natural resource modelling provides impressive accuracy with theoretical distance design, and nearly every energy system that goes out from our workshops has its own monitoring system, this insight actively reduces the negative influences we have towards our planet and is another step closer to reducing CO2 emissions.”

Blue sky thinking

Our aim is simple; to remove fossil fuel use wherever we can. This can mean simply adding solar to a battery charging system to reduce the load on an alternator, to a full and detailed analysis, design and supply for a remote community to run from renewables alone.

Since our inception we have developed our own in-house analysis and design service; we work specifically to our customers’ requirements, and strive towards prioritising renewable energy. Not one system is the same and everything is tailored. 

Having been involved in many industry firsts, combining the entire team’s specialities to produce autonomous micro-grids that can be adapted to any power requirement, anywhere on the planet.

We live and work entirely off grid, and we also actively participate in the fields we specialise in, and have done so for many years. Specialising in clean energy is often not enough, more often than not we can reduce, recycle and even eliminate unnecessary power demands. Just by looking at a project in a slightly different way, we can show you how much energy you can save, as well as produce. Our time served experience is on hand.

Working alongside some of the world’s leading product developers for managed island energy, and specialising in zero emission generators means that we can offer systems that can be evolved at any time, with full monitoring, so you know why, and how it all works. There is always a genuine desire to ultimately go clean and fully sustainable with an energy system that is available today.

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