The Revolusun Revolution

Revolusun supplies green power

Guillaume Leblond is on a mission to revolutionise the way power is provided at outdoor events. His company, Revolusun supplies green power… whilst at the same time spreading his sustainability message. For him, it’s a journey which began twenty years ago…

Guillaume became interested in sustainable power in the way a lot of us do, building systems which provide camper vans with go-anywhere electricity. That experience sparked a passion for sustainable energy. He has studied the subject at Companions of the Solar Energy in 2006, he has worked it, and now in partnership with a friend who is a solar-electronics distributor he has built a ‘mobile’ business – Revolusun.

When I say he ‘built’ a business, I mean it quite literally: In 2015 he bought a truck and converted its chassis to turn it into a mobile power plant. On the roof he added a hydraulic solar frame which unfolds to extend 30m2 of solar panels …and point them directly at the sun.

Revolusun mobile Solar panels
Because the panels are roof-mounted, they take no ground space, and don’t hinder passers-by.

The Solar panels, together with a Gel battery bank, enables him to provide clients with up to 70kWh of energy in a single day… beginning the moment he arrives. But his customers gain more than just a peak power capability of 20kW – the powerful message behind all this is that we care for the environment… and it’s a message his customers can make all their own by emblazoning their corporate colours and logo onto the Green Power Truck.

Revolusun allows for silent, smoke- and pollution-free power for sound, light and refrigeration equipment at outdoor events.  It’s a must-have when the event is all about enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors – but it also has a powerful message at motor sports events… where big organisations need to show that they care about the environment.

For event organisers Revolusun is a win-win situation. They benefit from silent power, whilst at the same time demonstrating to their visitors that they are concerned for the environment.

Revolusun Solar panels

Let’s look behind the scenes at the components Guillaume has used to build the system:

  • 2 Multiplus 48/5000/70/100
  • 2 MPPT 150/70
  • 2 DC link box
  • 24 Deep cycle Gel Battery

The installation provides a maximum 40A AC via 12 separate outlets – or up to 200A with an external power supply. Révolusun also offers 2 external chests with P32, P17 and conventional jacks. Whilst working on site the truck is provided with a full-time engineer – plus, of course, the system can be monitored on a mobile phone via the VictronConnect app. At the heart of the system is the communication gateway – the Color Control GX – which together with the battery monitor provides real-time dynamic control and data:

  • 1 CCGX
  • 1 BMV
  • 1 long range antenna

The mobile energy system arrives with a fully-charged battery bank of over 1300 Ah – so the system is ready to deliver regardless of whether the sun is shining or not. It offers 10kW of continuous power and up to 20kW peak power via 12 AC outlets – which Revelosun points out is enough to run three houses.

mobile energy system

It’s becoming increasingly popular at outdoor country events to provide silent, green power – and at some events it is expected. Guillaume is working hard to make sustainable energy the norm and is currently building a second power truck capable of even more power provision. He welcomes enquiries from all over the world – and if you too are passionate about green power, or if you are interested in partnering with him, Guillaume Leblond would like to hear from you.

Here’s the concept in action:

Guillaume’s company Sol R Max installs domestic Solar Power and water Heating systems in his native St Jean d’Avalanne in South Eastern France.